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Quick, we need a new excuse why the iPad isn't a pc.
Never. Gonna. Happen. It was a conscious decision for iOS to NOT have a file manager.
Do you think it matters? AMD really have no compelling products for Apple to use. When Ivy Bridge is released what will AMD have to offer? If I were Papermaster, I'd rent in Sunnyvale.
Actually I did not know that. I guess Apple could release a new one but I will admit that the lack of an Apple bletooth headset does conflict with my vision.Jez, you'd have thought my idea was a personal attack on you or something.Great solution *IF* everyone has an iOS device. Then again I guess Apple could bundle an inexpensive iPod touch with each Apple HDTV. Time will tell.
Tallest, Mr. Me and Ireland. Blue tooth headset for siri to interact with the tv. The tv remote *is* a friction point in the tv experience. If a Apple are going to release a tv they will attack this problem. I have an ATV and the click wheel type remote that comes with it isn't the answer. Searching for things is cumbersome. Siri will make search easy because it understands natural language. I think Apple will leverage this across multiple devices.
It makes a ton of sense. The most frustrating aspect of TVs is the remote. Have you seen this the remote on the Sony Internet TV. Its pure rubbish. "Siri find me all netflix movies with Gweneth Paltrow." "Siri play Iron Man 2" "Siri play the world series." See how easy that is. Way better than futzing around with a remote. A remote might be better for scrolling the channel guide but I bet Apple can improve that with Siri as well.
You should post your thoughts on the two after you've had an iPhone for a while.
I have a 3gs that I'm anxious to update. But I will wait for the early adopter madness to die down and get mine in a week or so.
Office for iCloud is up to MS. IIRC there are APIs that developers use to open up this functionality. I wouldn't hold my breath though, MS are slow to update office and only make it 'good enough' IMO and not as good as it could be. As for iWork, I have no idea if Apple will port a Windows version. Seems like a good idea to me if Apple want iCloud to gain traction but I doubt that iWork would get much support from Windows users. Who knows?
I'm not crazy about the iOS interface for the ATV. The current interface is nice IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: