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Where did they say that and how is that done? I missed that.
I didn't see it that way. In fact I think they went out of their way to say that is NOT how they want apps developed. Certainly they have no control over the quality of apps that 3 rd party developers write but I'd say they are encouraging them to do things the Metro way. With MS developing an app store, which AFAIK will be only way to get Metro apps, it'll be interesting how hard of a stance they take on apps that are not written the way they recommend.
Before people pass judgement on Win 8 they really ought to give this video presentation by Jensen Harris a look. It really is informative as to the philosophy behind Metro UI and how Win 8 tablets should look feel and function when they hit the market. MS presentations in the pasty were usually painful to watch but this one is not. This guy seems to 'get it'. I have no idea if Win 8 tablets, or Windows 8 in general, will be successful. They are taking quite a gamble...
I'm gonna miss my iDisk.
Another vote for AccountEdge. I demoed QB and the Money Works stuff and I found AE to be the best IMO.
Never have tried but interesting thought. I have done roll backs with VMWare Fusion and they "Just Work".
Or revert back to a smooth running snapshot.
I would like to run Snow Leopard in Parallels on Lion machines. I'm unable to migrate my business Macs to Lion as certain software I have are not yet Lion compatible.
If you want to move a file then you want to move it. Cut/copy/paste accomplishes the same goal but is less intuitive. Most people who move from Windows to Mac seem to struggle with this because its not just different from Windows its also frankly less intuitive. Its not an obstacle that cannot be overcome but its puzzling to many how Apple could have such an awkward method of manging files when most everything else is so much more intuitive. In general, Finder has never...
I must be getting old or Lion's Finder must be all that because I don't get all the love for Finder. Have people here forgotten what FTFF stands for? I think that Finder has gotten better but it still isn't as good at file management as Windows Explorer. If you copy and move a lot of files around WE is going to be better than Finder despite WE's garish user interface.
New Posts  All Forums: