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Marvin I know this well. I have a Mac Mini server myself. I have an older model that has a core 2 cpu and it works well for my needs but they are modest. I don't know how a MM server would work for someone who has more demanding needs. The lack of other options doesn't seem reassuring to me and I'm am relying on Apple to continue OSx server and a line of servers to run it.
Eliminating the Mac Pro would also be somewhat of a blow to OS X server as the Mac Pro was also configured as server model. That would leave the Mac Mini as the only dedicated hardware to run OS X server.
I have a 'mission critical' app at my business that relies on Java. Installing patch as we speak. Ars has posted a link to this site which gives instructions on how to determine if your machine is already infected. So far all my machines have tested clean.
You missed the sarcasm in the post. But nice reply.
I read with great interest your post concerning Sony. I was wondering what your thoughts are of that once great company RIM? What advice would you give them? Your secret admirer, T.H.
They don't want RIM to go down alone.
Sounds like a lousy deal to me when you could get this mac mini for slightly less than $200 more. The mini will be much faster, quieter, have a much longer life span going forward and be able to run current and future OS X upgrades as well as current and future third party soft ware. PPC machines a this point are a bad solution unless you need to run older software that will not run on Intel Macs.
Great post.
They have it built into iWeb to up load to a different web host other than MM. That's covered. I'm worried about using iWeb since Apple have ceased development on it but its ridiculously easy to use and I've nearly finished my site.
I'm in the process of developing a web site for my business. I'm using iWeb to do it because my needs are modest and easily met by iWeb. I am worried though because iWeb has been axed by Apple. WIll this be a problem for me? Would I be better off using another product and if so which one. I need something that is easy to use. Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: