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They make no sense for desktop machines. But for laptops they make sense. Especially machines like the MBA that don't have a lot of excess room and need to conserve on power. The new Intel IG aren't too bad. It isn't as good as the AMD stuff but at least now its OCL capable and the performance gains are pretty respectable.
People yearning for an xMac will cry over this news.
Its not opportunity cost because the dividend is icing on the cake. I bought those shares with no promise or guarantee of capital appreciation or dividend payments. Your trying to minimize the effect of the dividend on the long term shareholders but I assure you that investors that bought in years ago are going to be very happy when those checks come.
Yep. Even though you did not anticipate the dividend its a pretty nice windfall no? Did you expect those shares to rise to nearly $600?
I thought I was being pretty clear (see my post 132) but I apologize if I was confusing.
I was using round numbers to try to make things simple but oh well.
That's per share per quater. Multiple by 4 to get the yearly dividend and then use that to compute the yield. Thats over $10 per share per year in dividends.
Its pretty simple. If you bought shares at $80, Apple will start paying over 10 per year in dividends per share. That's over 10%. An individual's dividend yield is calculated based on the purchase price not todays closing price.
This is a retarded post. Dividends don't reward just the rich investors. They reward all the investors. And the ones who'll be rewarded the most will be the long term investors who bought shares a long time ago. If you bought Apple at $80/share, your dividend yield is over 10%. That's pretty damn good when 10 year Treasuries are only yielding around 2.5%. I believe one consequence of the dividend will be that there will be less volatility in Apple. I think it will be...
I'll play. First gen iPad. Typing this from it right now while in bed. I just love this thing. While I can do everything I do on this on a computer, it's just better (usually but not always) on the iPad. Ps I hope you recover quickly from your illness.
New Posts  All Forums: