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Well it is supposed to be for Pros, right? Pros use ports and devices that consumers generally don't. While I don't have much of a need for a ODD I can see where a professional photographer or video editor might need one often or often enough to want it in the machine rather than as a peripheral device. I think there is room for a 15" MBA and 15" MBP. I don't know if Apple see it that way or not.
I couldn't care less about he Windows parity, but AccountEdge is a fine app for small business accounting. Its what I use and would recommend to other Mac users instead of Quick Books. Why keep dealing with Intuit when they've demonstrated they care about Mac users?
If the new iPad is going to use a dual core cpu I wonder if it will be an A7 derivative like the Qualcom Krait. That chip looks like a speed demon.
An iPad 2 wouldn't be a "premium" tablet...the iPad 3 would be. I'll back off the statement (slightly) I made where I suggested Apple strive for Windows type market share in tablets. But they should strive for iPod type market share. And like with iPod they will need to address the lower end of the market. Maybe not at $299 but it's gong to have to be less than $499.
1) Yes I understand that Amazon looses money on every Kindle they sell. And I have seen their profits, (oddly Amazon has a higher P/E, not sure why) ect .... But Apple should sell a lower cost iPad to try to blunt any momentum the Kindle is gaining. Perhaps a $299 isn't possible but a sub $500 iPad 2 certainly is possible that can still be profitable. Remember that Amazon does not have the same cost structure and economy of scale in manufacturing that Apple enjoys. 2) I...
I accept jragosta's reasoning but I think your example above misses the point. Apple should be striving for a Windows type market share in tablets. That means choking competitors like the Kindle in their infancy.
OK. That makes sense. Fair enough.
How do you know they would loose money on a $299 iPad? iSupply tear downs suggest that isn't the case. Obviously they wouldn't make as much profit but a $299 might sell a lot of units and new users might upgrade to the latest and greatest version down the road.
I don't know about that. Yes the iPad is selling well, but the Kindle has gained some traction. A $299 iPad would pretty much stop it in its tracks. A $399 iPad will definitely help some but a $299 iPad 2 would turn the Kindle into a BB playbook...hard to sell, even at a loss. Amazon might have to resort to RIM's tactics and have them stolen from delivery trucks so they can collect the insurance money.
Apple aren't being valued as a growth stock now anyway. Current PE is 15 while earnings growth is 50%. There's no need to fear a dividend dropping Apple's share price. It looks like its already priced in.
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