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I remember Steve talking about focus and how that meant saying NO to ideas. Some that are even good ideas but that by saying NO to some ideas that allowed their focus to be sharpest on the best ideas. This is a ridiculous idea for a tech company like Apple. Its beyond their core competency and I would sell Apple stock immediately if they announced such a stupid plan. I think others would as well.
Then isn't it in a tax sheltered account like an IRA? If not, why?Stock buybacks don't often transfer wealth to shareholders. Stocks can and do go down when companies buy back shares. Just ask HP. A dividend however is a direct transfer of company profits to shareholders. That's why a lot of people invest in stocks.
That's an interesting point you bring up. Maybe that's why Apple can't use use TB in its iDevices that run on ARM cpus. Maybe the iPhone and iPad will get Atom cpus when they are fabbed at the 22 nm process node. It sounds crazy but from what I've read, Atom at 22 nm will be a real competitor to ARM cpus. If Intel use their process advantage against ARM they may be able make cpus that ARM can't match in terms of performance and low power consumption. Its easy to right off...
The word Cook was looking for was 'frienemy'. He just couldn't remember it.
Yeah thats my problem. I have 6 work stations and one server at my office. Whats the best way to upgrade all these machines? Even .x updates can take hours on the weekend.
Whoa... a blast from the past. Where have you been for the last 2-3 years?
Yeah I'm disappointed that GK isn't more capable of nuking malware. I wish that GK was capable of disabling an application that initially has a signature stamp but was later found to be malware.
But I think it is black and white and I think Apple will and should break non signed apps if a user chooses to only have MAS store and signed apps on their computer. But this is a good compromise for users like me who have apps, MacPractice and SpringCharts EHR, that are not and likely will not ever show up in the MAS. But these developers will almost assuredly apply for the digital ID and have signed apps. Their business model does not work for MAS store distribution. I...
I guess I'm going to be in the minority but I think Apple's approach on this is perfect. If you want to download anything then click that box. But defaulting to MAS and trusted developers will enhance security and that just makes for a better end user experience.
New Posts  All Forums: