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Like the Siri suggestions. Otherwise I'm very happy with iOS 5. It is so smooth, polished and refined that it leaves me wanting for little. In fact I'm happy just with my meager 3gs now that it has iOS 5. I was going to get a 4s when it came out but I think I can wait for the next iPhone now that I have iOS 5 on my 3gs.
Final Cut Pro X should have been released last year as Final Cut Express X and this should have been released now as Final Cut Pro X. Would have prevented a lot of gnashing of teeth.
They ought to make him CEO. He can't be worse than that retard they just promoted.
I agree with all of that. I would add that I'm very surprised that the Nokia WP7 phones didn't do a little better. 1 million units since November is poor and I don't see any silver lining there. I didn't expect sales to light the world on fire but I did think that they would be better than that, at least 3 million units over the holiday season. Even that would only have been 10% of iPhone sales. That's pretty grim news for MS and Nokia.
I think you nailed it.
I expect the next iPhone to be offered on T-Mobile's network. Apple will bend them over just like they did Sprint and get them to commit to buying a large number of iPhones that will make this deal a no brainer... for Apple.
Shopping at Best Buy is a ghetto experience. Target is hardly worse, probably better. Here's an interesting take on Best Buy, FWIW.
I thought this was a good idea 5 years ago. PS, I told you so MEL!
I just watched the remake of True Grit by the Coen brothers and they actually list that the movie was edited in Final Cut in the credits at the end of the movie. I found that a bit odd because I can't remember ever seeing that in the movie credits.PS Wasn't the LOTR series edited in Final Cut?
Depending upon what the ipad 3 turns out to be, ie quad core cpu with retina display, I'm not sure that the iPad 2 at $399 would sell that well or blunt sales of the Kindle Fire. It probably would make an upsell to an iPad 3 easier but Apple really ought to try to take some of the momentum out of the Kindle Fire. If a $299 iPad 2 isn't achievable for Apple then hopefully they'll get it down to $349 or $329.
New Posts  All Forums: