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It gonna need one. Seriously though, if you look at the diagrams its not obvious what happens to the water that is produced.
What happens to the water?
I've not migrated from MM to iCloud yet and I'm going to wait to see if they make changes to improve usability.
Throw more money at them.Seriously, do whatever it takes. I have MM and its a very so so service IME. I like the interface and the features offered in MM. Like you, I really would like an iDisk replacement. AccountEdge software has a hook into MM and allows you to back up to iDisk automagically when you close the app which is really nice. I'm really going to miss that feature.But the MM in general lacks polish. iDisk can be frustratingly slow at times and occasionally,...
Yes! I totally agree. There FTFY.
That's why I believe Apple should get into auto NAV systems. What works in one environment does not necessarily work in another. Cars need their own user interfaces that are optimized for safety while operating the vehicle.
The watch just seems to function as a secondary display for the phone and a crappy one at that. It was funny how the guy went through all these contortions to show how if you look at the missed calls on the watch they would appear when you pull out your phone and unlock the screen. Only problem is that it seemed more difficult to use the watch for this than just pulling out the phone and checking notifications. Epic fail IMO. Well the blind spot concern is valid. But I...
That looks clunky as crap to me. So instead of a phone with a small screen I can have a watch with an even smaller screen. Ok...? I find the IBM take on wearable computers more interesting because the of voice recognition and glasses that provide a possibly better viewing experience.
Well I got to disagree. To me the "killer" feature is that computers are becoming less obtrusive and are becoming 'invisible' to the user. That's the next "killer" feature IMO. Apple are pretty much the leader in this trend already. I look for that to continue.
Not a big fan of IBM but this commercial seems well ahead of its time.
New Posts  All Forums: