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That looks clunky as crap to me. So instead of a phone with a small screen I can have a watch with an even smaller screen. Ok...? I find the IBM take on wearable computers more interesting because the of voice recognition and glasses that provide a possibly better viewing experience.
Well I got to disagree. To me the "killer" feature is that computers are becoming less obtrusive and are becoming 'invisible' to the user. That's the next "killer" feature IMO. Apple are pretty much the leader in this trend already. I look for that to continue.
Not a big fan of IBM but this commercial seems well ahead of its time.
No article that I've seen has been more prophetic or given a better analysis of RIM's predicament than this one. It really is a must read if this interests you at all. Bottom line: Don't let RIM's current profits fool you. They have serious problems.
I find these bags very attractive.
If the leaked specs are correct, battery life should be better. IIRC, Intel claimed that IB will offer up to 50% better cpu performance or 50% battery life over SB depending upon how the cpu is optimized (either battery life or raw cpu performance). 1.8 and 2.0 ghz cpu options in the U series suggests that those will be optimized for battery life as the clock speeds are just slightly higher than what is currently offered in the Airs.
Sadly it appears that AMD doesn't feel that it can compete with Intel any longer. Its starting to look like a one horse race. That's not good for consumers in the long run but that's the reality of the matter.
Yeah I read that article and commented over at SA. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and stock prices really are just a metric of opinion. I would point out that the author of that article feels that Apple could fall too or even below $85 per share despite the fact that Apple currently has about $88 per share in cash. If that makes sense to you, then you should short Apple stock right here, right now.
Yeah, I don't post here as much anymore because the trolls poison the well so quickly that any kind of intelligent discourse is nearly impossible. I respond to posters like Gon because he's been here a while, and IIRC is a developer, and his insight is usually pretty interesting.
I don't agree with Gon on this but I wouldn't go so far as to call him a troll.
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