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Nope. The GOP and their Tea Party morons can be much worse. Translation : SDW ( what a surprise! ) Yes I know you're just praying that the current web site debacle will turn into something bigger because you've got nothing else to cling to. I wouldn't hold your breath ( unless you're fond of the color blue ).  And I could care less what Nate Silver thinks. For those of you out there who don't know : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nate_Silver As you may remember I'm not a big...
No violence. They'll simply just lose their jobs in congress. You can't screw with the people who put you there without consequences.  As a matter of fact I think you'll see a downturn in Tea Party popularity on a whole.
No. It was shut down because the Teapublicans are a selfish lot who will learn a hard lesson in the next election.
What a laugh! Yes let's just ignore the Teapublicans holding the voters hostage just to get their way ( which wasn't even what the majority of voters want ). What a laugh.The Teapublicans days are numbered. And really trumpy are you trying to sell us on the idea that this spy stuff wasn't going on during the Bush years?
Another indicator of the current liberal part of the cycle which we're enjoying. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/22/21081289-clear-majority-favors-legal-marijuana-new-gallup-poll-shows?lite Not surprising really.
Without the stimulus you'd be standing in a bread line. If the Teapublicans have their way you still might be.  But of course they won't and you will very likely be seeing a downturn in their influence in the near future.
Yeah he's in total denial. Just like the rest of the Teapublicans. The next election ( coming up in just one year ) will be very interesting.
Boy! Is he in for a shock! http://firstread.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/11/20924466-cruz-scoffs-at-nbcwsj-poll-thats-not-reflective-of-where-this-country-is?chromedomain=nbcpolitics Pretending it's not there or not coming back to haunt you won't help.
Face it trumpy. The Teapublicans are doomed in the next election ( only a year away remember ). The voting public won't forget this one and we're not done yet! Let's hope this doesn't get worse but what happens from here on out the blame will land squarly in the Teapublicans lap. I can't believe how certain factions of the GOP have an absolute talent for shooting themselves in the foot. If only it didn't affect the rest of us.
Well folks I'm wondering if this will do mortal damage to not only the Tea party but those that side with them. Meanwhile I wouldn't want to be Boehner. He either has to do the right thing for the country and stop this needless obstruction or he'll do the wrong thing for the country and just let this get worse. Either way he'll be remembered for what he does. Let's hope he has a back bone and vote to stop this...
New Posts  All Forums: