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Well here's hoping those Republican crongressmen wake up!   http://firstread.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/21/17043492-first-thoughts-gops-weak-position-on-the-sequester?lite       How close do you think they'll let it get before they do the right thing for the country?
Tell it like it is Jazzy!   I guess if you can do it so can I.
Well someone has to since you're clearly not.   Ps. And if you'll look on this thread I'm not the only one so it's not me preaching anything. I can't help it if someone ignores the obvious ( what's incredibly obvious to others ) just because it goes against the grain of their pet philosophy. So in the end it's more like " La, la, la, la! My fingers are in my ears so I'm not listening ". Well I suggest you remember this when you want others to listen to you.
And now you know why our discourse is the way it is.
I can really tell you're taking this seriously. I guess your posts should be seen in the same light.
However no matter how you feel about that we're living with the economy of the burst housing bubble precipitated by bad loans that should never have been given. It's called " Predatory lending ". http://www.foreclosurefish.com/predatorylending.htm   An example of what too much freedom can lead to with some individuals or companies.
So do some individuals and private companies.   Just look at what the greedy banking industry did to us. For an example think Goldman Sachs.   Remember this : http://erasebadcredit.biz/mortgages/mortgage-loans-goldman-sachs-a-timeline-of-trouble/   Or http://mortgagepirates.wordpress.com/   This is what not enough regulation or control leads to. But I've already talked about this on this forum and you already know all of...
You do know how this underscores your refusal to entertain any other idea other than your own don't you Jazzy?   Calling me a Troll and pretending to take the high ground so I can't Troll you ( as if ) is no excuse for not having an answer to the questions raised about your previous statements.
Private parties or individuals just do it under the guise of " It's just business ".
I guess he didn't get why I said this in the Libertarian thread :   He was inplying it all over the place. It's like he assumes you have to be a government to abuse power and freedom. However he might have been too busy using his stock answer " Whatever you say jimmac " to actually engage in the conversation..
New Posts  All Forums: