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You're welcome!
I hope he wins because I'd like to see Obama hand his ass to him in a debate.
If you're surprised I'm not. They would rather not look at the truth so they spin. Just like when I talk about the surplus Clinton left behind. Then I back it up with evidence from factcheck.org and of course they say that site is biased in favor of the left when the site was started by Republicans. Face it. They'll say anything and are better off being ignored except when they are in danger of gaining power. They can't see it themselves because of the way their brain...
I will call you ridiculous or hypocritical.Here's the lying part.Who was in charge? If Obama is to blaim for all of this mess why is it different for Bush? Go Newt!
No SDW. You made the claim it's your duty to provide proof of your claim. Why you never get that ( well I know why you're counting on me not wanting to do the work you should be doing ).I've posted numbers for you as well. Which you ignored. And the other thing you're are ignoring is that all of these GOP candidates are only loved by 30% of the country. The hardcore other versions of you! Also the voters aren't as stupid as you think. They know where this debacle ( and yet...
From the start you have never expressed that here. Just the opposite. If I'm wrong please link to where ok? Otherwise stop trying to tell me something I know isn't true. Which numbers are those SDW? I've seen plenty that say the opposite so if you really have something damning that's more recent let me know. Ok? A little something for you to chew on : http://www.gallup.com/video/152036/S...GOP-Steer.aspx And yeah Newt!
It's been that way from the start. You and trumpy know that. Not that it matters much as Obama will probably get a second term. The GOP candidates are such buffoons.
I repeat and you already know what I'm talking about so don't play stupid. Romney and the GOP are for the rich not the middleclass and the poor.
Yes I know it was a joke and yes I was very careful how I put this because yes it goes back farther but Dubbya had the best chance while this was becoming apparent ( 8 years in office ) and did nothing until it blossomed into a real problem. Obama got stuck with it afterwords ( no matter what your position is on his actions ). After it happened does anybody really think it something that took more than 4 years to make would be gone now if McCain had won? Really? Also did...
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