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Like I said  " Just not ones that you like ".   Oh well.
Except for those who would take advantage of the freedom we have. They don't have to be a government to do that. Oh well! When humans are involved nothing's ever perfect is it?
Hey you could read the links to the polls and news articles I linked to just the same as anyone else. Just because you don't like them doesn't make them untrue or not valid. And I'm pretty sure you're intelligent enough you can see the direction this is all going even though you may not like it.    Much as you would like to paint this as just my opinion that's just not the case hence the links to support my argument.   Sorry if that doesn't sit well with you but they are...
Yes I know. When it comes to discussing facts you'd rather make comments like this. What ever you say Jazzy.   You know it takes more than just disagreeing with someone's political viewpoint to make them a Troll.
And how much of the country is made up of views of the extreme right or say the Tea Party? How about people who favor giving the wealthy the edge over the common person out there? Viewing some of the current polls and elections I'd be willing to bet it's smaller. Certainly if we have a system where the wealthy ( top 1 % ) have the better deal as far as taxes etc. the ratio is a smaller group controling the larger. As a matter of fact the more you lean that way the more...
Well it's certainly not for Deer hunting and it's pretty much over kill for personal protection. As a matter of fact there's pretty much only one thing they're designed for.
      Not someone making assumptions from the statements you made! Say it ain't so!   God! Not this again!
I'm thinking it's this attitude that most of the Republicans in congress have. It's why nothing gets done because even before the other side opens their mouth the conservative Teapublican side has already deemed what they have to say is not of value and null and void. So do you feel more fufilled, superior, and smug now that you've made your comment Frank?
In today's news :   http://firstread.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/14/16965107-senate-gop-stalls-hagel-nomination-by-waging-filibuster?lite     Gee what a surprise!   Your Republican government at work ( as if ).   Nah! the Republicans donn't obstruct anything that wasn't their idea. Nah!
  Not just me. You can easily see that with anyone who's not conservative on this forum. If you speak your opinion and then back it up with facts from the web you can count on it becoming this because the conservatives always send it there in the end. Probably a lack of facts on their side for support. And well anyone who deals in statements they can't back up.....well what label would you put on that?     What usually happens is you wait until the person is gone and then...
New Posts  All Forums: