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     I was only answering with something you might understand.   Who started first answering in childish mirrors of what I've said MJ? Showing a picture was a visual aid ( and you even attempted to do the mirror thing with that ) to show my frustration with you. Your response was nothing of the kind. You don't offer logic after a certain point. Like some other people here you find different ways to call someone stupid when they don't agree with you. That's usually when...
But SDW you're always calling someone something.   Plenty of evidence for that.
This has always been the point I make. You can't have a drive by knifing go through a wall and collaterally kill a sleeping infant in his/her crib. Guns are more dangerous.
FUD. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/12/opinion/12sun1.html?pagewanted=print&_r=0             We have the latest tech it's too bad we don't have the best system.
Because my dear MJ just like someone else here we all know and love when you don't have valid arguments anymore ( and you know it ) you post insults or the childish mimic of what the other party has said. At least I posted something that illustrated my frustration but you just go " Nya, nya, nya". Childish.
I think it's the exact opposite. I think it would be very unsettling to know how many wackos there are just out in everyday life.
  Something I tried to get him to see with those old film clips. Even back in the 50's they understood this.
Really childish response. The equvilent of saying " Nya, nya, nya you too! ".   You've been doing that a lot lately.
No you don't get it. Like Klaatu said " We don't pretend to have achieved perfection " Also " This doesn't mean giving up any freedom except the freedom to act irresponsibly ".   Government restricting us isn't a perfect solution however it's much better than letting them run wild. We've had plenty of examples ( and history ) to illustrate what happens when you do that. We aren't ready for that. What happened recently in Connecticut ( or Portland, or Colorado etc. ) is a...
New Posts  All Forums: