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Excellent post tonton!
Yes this is an example of conservative spin. Try to make the public believe it's the Democrats and liberals who want to control everyone's life when in reality the one's that want to do that are the ultra conservatives. They want to tell you what drugs are legal or ok and which are bad ( including spreading FUD about them ), they want to tell you you must go to church otherwise you're not part of the system so your opinion shouldn't be considered, and they want to tell...
Well one can only try to draw it to their attention. That's all one can do I'm afraid. Maybe another few lost elections ( or house seats ) might get their attention.   And yes I'm sure they haven't learned a thing and think this was all just a fluke.
    Yes, yes we know " looney liberals ". If that's the way it is you surely don't mind us going back " Right wingnuts " Right? Both are wrong approaches to serious conversation but when someone's talking to you that way it's a little difficult to ignore.     The Tea party wants to define how everyone thinks and how they should live their life. The Tea party is more concerned with their agenda than the people who are involved in the issues within that agenda. The Tea...
  With all of the stuff you and the other conservative types have said about myself and others ( inaccurate comments about how I'm always wrong, don't back up my facts, and Obama hasn't got a prayer in the world to win plus the change in the way the GOP is being viewed by the voting public ) in the past year or so ( and when you start thread titles like " Mitt Romney is Going To Win " or the other favorite " Dead Man Walking " ) Yes! I do think a little gloating is in...
  Please tell me why? So far I' haven't heard a thing on this score.     The more conservative factions of the GOP like the Tea party types. They aren't really in step with modern society and care less about the people and more about the issues themselves and their agenda. That's wrong in my book. And please don't ask me for an example there have been plenty in the last few days in the news ( some of which I've posted links for you ).   Also I haven't heard of any big...
Lastly SDW I hope that someday you'll see what you clearly don't understand now. It really must be disconcerting to see change and not understand that it started a long time ago or understand why it must change.
Yes I know you'll never get it. Your blinders are too big for you to see anything else. However it still won't change anything. No wonder you don't recognize our country anymore. It hasn't been your version of it for quite sometime now.
  Psssst! SDW! The broadside of the barn is over that a way.
SDW everything when making decisions for people has to be based on proof or evidence of some kind. Otherwise you're just like the Tea party.   And their you go again with the derogatory names.
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