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As I've already said if it was some items that were totally wasteful that would be different. Your lack of compassion is deplorable. And you're laughing about this matter?   It's clear from your comments SDW that you don't see these as real issues but more like game moves on a board. So much for the arm chair decision maker. There are real people out there suffering SDW!   You've provided an example of what I've been talking about with the conservative mind set now days....
As SDW would say : " Prove it! "
Isn't getting the bill passed right now so these people can get some help more important?   Maybe there is pork but you have to look at what's needed right now. And it's not like the money will go to unnecessary things or be wasteful. How Republicans can stand by and let those poor people suffer is beyond me. I'm with Chris Christie on this.   This is a prime example of what's wrong with the GOP now days. Can you say Dysfunctional?  And unfortunately for them the voters...
This entire post is hokum.  You have absolutely no proof or evidence that this would change the state of hetero marriage at all.   So in the end you supply zero proof of your argument. The ideas you post are so wild and unlikely it's laughable. In other words you feel this way just because you belong to a particular mind set that's  intransigent. Sad, backward, and out of date. Also once again you stoop to calling people names ( " That BR is a lefty loon " ).   You have...
Naw! We wouldn't want to look at that!
  You are so much more out there from reality. Much more than I previously thought. Do you really believe this stuff? Really?     You have yet to tell me what's so wrong with redefinition. No one's saying get rid of marriage. If they had your position would make sense. They're redefining what's Incorporated into the idea of marriage. Men and women still get married. That hasn't changed and this isn't threatening to make that change happen. So your ire doesn't make...
I can't wait for his reply! Ooooo! It's that slippery slope!
And that's what this stupidity is all about. The facts are Rice commented on what she knew at the time. Clinton had the flu, fainted, and fell and hit her head. She got a blood clot which apparently she's prone to. End of story. It doesn't have anything to do with anything else like planes and plots or as some tabloids claim " Cancer ".
Yes. Once again.   When you don't have a real argument it's easier to look at things that way.
Oh please!   That's so silly and over blown. You do know that she's had one before in 1998 right?   http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/national_world&id=8941118       Nothing strange at all. I really doubt the SS is by her side every second at home ( and could have prevented this ).   No conspiracy and nothing more to see.
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