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  While we've gotten better at it over the years fission is still fraught with problems by it's very nature. What happened in Japan after the quake a couple of years ago is a good example. Fusion would be a much better, efficient, and safer process if we could just work out the problems of temperature and containment. And we're getting closer every...
Thanks for your opinion and quips as well. Sorry. I enjoyed Star Wars however I was more of a Star Trek kind of guy.   Also One of the reasons I provide links to my arguments ( besides quoting someone who's more knowledgeable and might be able to explain it better than myself ) is to show that it's not just " My " opinion.
Like I said I used to think of you as fairly intelligent. You might still be however clearly you don't understand the nature of science ( or don't choose to ). And  now I see though you just have a closed mind. Oh well.
  Sigh! You're such a child. I really did mean that.     It has everything to do with Evolution. It's the best answer we have currently. Do we understand every aspect of it? No. But we understand enough to form a theory and a pretty good one to. As I said many things in our everyday life are like this. We know they work and we kind of know how just not the complete picture so it's a theory and not provable just yet.     I still have my doubts as to your...
You know I used to think you were a pretty intelligent fellow until I read stuff like this. MJ there are many things in this world that we know work a certain way but don't fully understand the mechanics of the situation. Therefore we can't prove them. However due to trial and error ( also a scientific method ) we know they work and can at least be sure of the basic outline of how they work.   A good recent example is the Higgs Boson. Now this was predicted for over 40...
   Coming from someone who ( now it's proven ) they don't even read their own support for their arguments this is funny.       You offer support for your arguments only to find you haven't even read the whole article. Had you it would have dawned on you it supports my arguments. What would you know about the truth? Sorry but there's no chance of you being taken seriously anymore.   It's clear now that you just throw anything in there to win and if it has holes in it you...
The pont of the article was that Romney was shooting his mouth off about the very people who vote people into office. Hence he paid for it. Nuff said.   Ps. The same will happen to those who do similar things in the future.
and for you :       I mean really trumpy you didn't honestly think I'd just let you gloss over the fact that now we know for sure ( for all to see ) the Emperor has no clothes.        
From your link :     Weather and climate is a very complex issue. If you've ever read anything about Chaos theory you'd know that there are many variables that we're just beginning to understand. That doesn't mean however that Global Warming or our connection to it isn't real.
Well you didn't entirely read your own link when talking to me!   Otherwise you wouldn't have been caught with your pants down trumpy. But thanks for your unintentional support!
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