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  I notice people who really don't have a good argument against the idea of GW and that we have a big part to play in it always fall back on their tiny talking points as if the emotional garbage there ( " The children etc. "  ) will almost sound logical and will sway anyone who's just halfway listening. It's called obfuscation.
It's really easy for you to just pull the " Trolling " tactic out of your hip pocket isn't it? You are arguing against the experts conclusions about age of the universe now which by the way do you have a better way to ascertain that? If not why are you still talking about it?
Pssst! Frank! It's a thread about science not science fiction.
Well let's be fair then. If that's how you view Obama then his predecessor should have been tared and feathered and rode out of town on a rail.  
All politicians play games. It's just that some are more concerned with their constituents as people than others. The other kind of politician care more about their party,  getting their way,  and winning. That doesn't usually fall more on the democratic side. That's why we're in this political climate right now.
  Yes and curiously enough ( since our founding fathers were choosing to leave a situation similar to this ) now days what we have is the minority attempting to control the majority through their power. The wealthy want to get breaks through the idea that it will ( eventually ) " Trickle down "  which we know doesn't really work or things would be going great by now since they've been getting this for years. This control extends beyond money into many other areas. They've...
It sounds like you have a good grasp of the situation.
    Quote:     Yes could you look those up for me ( as the burden of proof is on you )? As you and your buddy SDW would say I really don't recall saying that so a quote and a link would be nice so we can be sure of the context and to be sure what you're referring to.    On the other hand we have an entire thread " Dead man Walking " ( started by you ) dedicated to the way you think and the conclusions you draw from that.  And as far as cycles go it should be more than...
That's ok. We've all been there at one time or another when it comes to trumptman.   If you want ot get at the truth of his ideas about the world all you have to do is look at the " Dead man Walking Thread. ". The conclusions and rhetorical nonsense there are only underscored by the fact that he was dead wrong. It's the poster child for his nonsense.
New Posts  All Forums: