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    To be honest I was done with you a long time ago but you keep posting your nonsense!   And now of course we know support for your arguments that you supply is nonsense as well as you don't even entirely read what you list for support! How embarrassing for you and yet how telling.   And " Smarmy " ?   I'm not the one that says " My snark goes to 11 "
As far as the original question in this thread there's a really good program on the Science Channel about this. One episode is called " Can we Eliminate Evil ? ".   This video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqb8C9PTcoc&list=PL36410D479361326A shows a scientist who found ( to his surprise ) he has the same kind of brain profile of psychopaths and is even a decedent of a psychopath. He might have developed these tendencies however because of his environment during...
Speaking of nonsense. You've shown in another thread  http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/156458/science-is-real/80#post_2307701 you can't even support your own arguments and don't read your own links for that same support. The irony here is that you and SDW were trying ( not long ago ) to accuse me of not supplying support for my arguments ( not true of course ). So I guess this is Karma.  The jig is up trumpy. It really has been for some time.  Now you would have us...
    As I've said previously this does happen but it's a rarity. Check your history. More often than not there's the individual who wants to support a point of view on a feeling rather than good science. And with this there's a lot of evidence one can see without computer models.   From your link :               That' " Geological blink of an eye ". can be millions of years on that scale. And from your link when it mentions causes of previous extinctions do you see any...
Yours also.
And thank you for your lack thereof.
  Sorry trumpy but Dyson ( brilliant scientist ) isn't a climatologist either so who's the hypocrite?      
        Trumpy scientists are people also. They can be as wrong your average plumber or electrician. That doesn't make science wrong.       Do you mean this guy : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_A._Glaser  
Oh come on Frank. Do you really believe that's what the pro abortion movement was all about?   Why don't you spell it out for us so we can set you straight?
  Trumpy I beg to differ with this.       Not since the Civil War! ( I saw " Lincoln " also! )   Ah! Those were the days when they had Republicans I could vote for!
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