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Yes but even spammers probably have good grasp on the reality of the situation and are more on the ball about GW than you. .   And lets look at Mr. Plait's credentials :   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Plait   The man's got a Ph.D. How about you trumpy?   I happen to like Dr. Plait and have watched him on the Science channel before.
Not if Hillary runs.   Ps. And you know she will.
Lets not let this fine thread go beneath the waters and out of our memories just yet!   I think it important to remember how sure about the nature of things some here were.
    Lets add a qualifier here.   In your mind or opinion of course.
I think the Teapublicans had better realize something. Either they change their ways or the real Republican party will have to oust them. No one will vote for a GOP member in the end. The obfuscation and subterfuge has to end. No one is buying anymore except for the hardcore Limbaugh types and they're losing popularity as well. The time of smoke and mirrors is over because we simply can't afford it anymore.   Teapublicans are out of touch and the voters know it so yes...
I'll tell you what's sad. Someone who is wrong so much of the time on this forum and still hasn't learned a thing.       Translation : Things aren't going too well for conservative extremophiles. As a matter of fact they're kind of becoming an endangered species. Kind of ironic. All the things you're harping about many of us were seeing in the previous president. That didn't seem to bother you at the time. and just look where he left us! Well as they say the proofs in...
    Yes only right thinking ( pun intended ) will do. Uh huh. Brother what a load of crap.   About your ideas trumpy the president seems to have been resurrected and is walking just fine!
No trumpy I'm afraid it's you who are the laughable mess. Yourself and the skeptics you mention are to most of us out there crazy. You might as well come from the land of OZ. That's how we view your logic. We're all aware of how volcanism and other factors can drive GW and have in the past. That's not happening now and that's pretty evident. A main factor that's belching gas into the air is us trumpy. Not some natural process. When large portions of both poles start...
This brought to you by News Busters! A conservative rag that describes itself like this :      Uh huh.   They're watch dogs!
  I think it really funny that someone with such a small understanding of the science here can try to make claims about GW. You do know how CO2 affects sunlight right? The planet Venus has very high levels of CO2 and it has a run away green house effect. Now while it's true that the planet is closer to the sun than earth that doesn't account for the high temp. It's because the gas traps the heat under the thick cloud layer where the surface temperature can melt lead. So...
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