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This brought to you by News Busters! A conservative rag that describes itself like this :      Uh huh.   They're watch dogs!
  I think it really funny that someone with such a small understanding of the science here can try to make claims about GW. You do know how CO2 affects sunlight right? The planet Venus has very high levels of CO2 and it has a run away green house effect. Now while it's true that the planet is closer to the sun than earth that doesn't account for the high temp. It's because the gas traps the heat under the thick cloud layer where the surface temperature can melt lead. So...
   Don't you just love sour grapes!!!! And oh yes he's " Screaming about sequester "  Oh brother! Pssst! Someone let SDW know the election's over. The voters have spoken and his side the one he was soooooo sure ( I mean he was a dead man walking right? ) would win ) lost! Just one more time ok?
  Yes he uses that tactic a lot.
  However they're ultimately more provable. Right now we're living in times that don't really match any of the theories. Like the weather it's very complex and subject to chaos theory and like the weather predictions are just plain wrong a good part of the time. So " hard " " Exact " not really. I mean they have a problems predicting earth quakes as well. Too many variables. Perhaps when we get to quantum computing we might have more success in these things.
  No. That's hardly " Apocalyptic ". It's just unnecessary and as he would put it " Dumb ". A meat clever instead of a scalpel.  Also since these cuts just started we haven't felt the full effect yet. You know that but you'd rather make up your own scenario that is pure speculation on your part and hasn't come to past yet. You can't wiggle out of this MJ. Please give me a quote from Obama that reflects your ( or the Republicans rhetoric ) statements that Obama was...
It's a social science but it's far from conclusive as there are many schools of thought on this subject concluding in different results. All of them use the scientific method to get their results but much like the weather it's subject to chaos theory and change. Hence many different ideas about how it works. So far it's not quite the same as a provable science like physics. That has different schools of thought as well but is much closer to a single theory. 
Ok I've gone through all of your links and have only seen statements from Obama Like " Pain " and " Dumb ". So far from those links the only ones who were using terms even close to " Apocalyptic " were the Republicans ( of course ). Perhaps you could point something more substantial for me. And the previous post is all your opinion. That certainly didn't come from Obama. You'll have to do better than that MJ.
So I see. Well you glossed right over the fact that you didn't substantiate your claim of Obama's apocalyptic statements. Typical when the burden of proof is with you it's not forthcoming.
I really hope you're being facetious and not just randomly jumping across the line from your usual position.
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