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  Please link me a quote that reflects these " apocalyptic " consequences from Obama you're referencing. Surely that can be easy enough.         I usually start believing when it doesn't come out of your mouth.     I see. Not much of a basis.
  I believe he said they miight hurt the recovery and are a dumb way to do things. That's a far cry from amageddon. I believe the only ones that were saying that ( in reference to what Obama said ) were the republicans.   I believe we haven't felt the full impact yet and I hope it's minimal but I fear it will hurt the recovery which is giving many signs right now ( not just the job market ) of picking up steam.     What makes you think that?
  Translation from MJ : " I pretending to not understand " .   Thanks for another sterling example.   Obfuscation at it's best.   I'll try again however. You do know that all of the effects won't be felt for months because the cuts are phased in right?   http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2013/03/01/budget-cuts-long-term-effects-still-unclear-they-take-effect/GyMYuSUMaIp9nMTtXKPTLP/story.html       In other words the full nature of how this will effect the economy...
  Something you practice all of the time.
You're right nothing new there or here. Continued denial and pretending not to understand.   Meanwhile : http://news.msn.com/us/unemployment-drops-to-77percent-lowest-in-4-years     Something you probably didn't want to hear. I hope however once the more of the sequester kicks in ( something you pretended to not understand  ) doesn't negatively impact this trend.
Republicans are extremely lucky things haven't gone sharply south........yet because of it. It's a phased in thing or didn't you read about that. Also didn't read who'd take the blame if it causes problems. Meanwhile the market is doing very well having recovered it's loses since 2007. However proof again that Wall Street is disconected from Main Street.   Here's a little read from the same source...
Well all I'm wondering is if Republican congressmen will be looking back during the next election and thinking : " Gee! Maybe we shouldn't have let that sequestor happen! ".     Cheers!
Looking at the recent polls I'd be kind of concerned if I were a Republican congressman that pratices the policy of " No ".
Yes to the very wealthy it's not a matter of food on the table or even that new summer home. It's simply numbers on a balance sheet.
Exacttly! And I realize they're not concerned with doing the right thing. I'm just hoping that the possible loss of future votes ( or Congressmen's jobs ) might possibly be a motivating factor. 
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