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Here's what you really said about my statement : Which is of course not even close to what I said. Obfuscation.
Can you say obfuscation?
Sigh! This is what I said :As the aricle states at certain stages the human fetus is " indistinguishable in appearance from a dog or pig fetus ". That's because of evolution which I suppose you don't believe in either ( not that you'd admit it openly ). Please refrain from misquoting me in the future.
Show me where. You seem to find it easy to ignore the facts I listed on this very page. I guess you can't read as I've already posted the explaination and highlighted it in red. Color blind also I guess.
I knew it Obfuscation Rather than admit he's wrong he hides behind smoke and mirrors.
Read above.
Well. I guess you couldn't. Thank you for clarifying that fact.
You're not any better. You make statements but then are afraid to let anyone know where you stand. Come on tell me logically what you believe ( without all the obfuscation ) on this subject.......if you can.http://www.spuc.org.uk/education/abo...an-developmentThat sounds like it doesn't have sentient capabilty before that. Before that it's just tissue with potential. http://www.abortionaccess.info/fetusperson.htm Tell me something different logically if you can.
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