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See what I mean?
Wow! That first one's David Tennant! Well too bad. I thought at one time that mj was a logical thinker but at his heart he ignores ideas that might shake his " belief ". Not exactly an open mind. Perhaps a friend of mine is right that there's just no reasoning with someone who makes his decisions based on input from his amygdala. You might have better luck trying to reason with an alien being from another planet.
As I've always suspected. Well I'm sorry but there's something interesting on the Science Channel. Gotta go. We'll talk later. BR, MJ it's been revealing
You claim to have another kind? And isn't knowledge something that can proven and learned. Not just belived in?
I believe that the body contains energy that we may not fully understand at this point but not in the cut and dried Christian belief of a soul. There's absolutly no proof of that train of thought.
A ha! We have a winner! Finally we get to the heart of things.
Let's hear those again. It shouldn't be hard for you.
Sorry but no. You tried to turn what I claimed into something else by playing stupid. I've clarified in the above post for you.
Ok. I should have said potentially anything since potentials seem to be so important to the conservative side of this argument. But because of it's Chromosomes it goes on to become human. But the point is at that juncture it's not human yet.
Bravo! You said something definite!
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