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No. But that isn't what I was saying. And you know that already. BR got it. You're not stupid. Just afraid to be tied down to a position.
At certain points in it's development the human fetus reflects the same characteristics of many animals. As a matter of fact the fetus of those animals are the same in appearance from those animals. From then on because of it's genetics it progresses to a human. But the point is at those times it's not really human yet. I brought this up because of the original contention by SDW or in mj's case the implication.
Here's what you really said about my statement : Which is of course not even close to what I said. Obfuscation.
Can you say obfuscation?
Sigh! This is what I said :As the aricle states at certain stages the human fetus is " indistinguishable in appearance from a dog or pig fetus ". That's because of evolution which I suppose you don't believe in either ( not that you'd admit it openly ). Please refrain from misquoting me in the future.
Show me where. You seem to find it easy to ignore the facts I listed on this very page. I guess you can't read as I've already posted the explaination and highlighted it in red. Color blind also I guess.
I knew it Obfuscation Rather than admit he's wrong he hides behind smoke and mirrors.
Read above.
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