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Well. I guess you couldn't. Thank you for clarifying that fact.
You're not any better. You make statements but then are afraid to let anyone know where you stand. Come on tell me logically what you believe ( without all the obfuscation ) on this subject.......if you can.http://www.spuc.org.uk/education/abo...an-developmentThat sounds like it doesn't have sentient capabilty before that. Before that it's just tissue with potential. http://www.abortionaccess.info/fetusperson.htm Tell me something different logically if you can.
They're all jokers and I really hope they keep talking because the more they say the more they lose.
A fetus goes through a number of changes where it can become anything. As a matter of fact a human fetus has many attributes of other animals as it progresses to maturity. But right after conception it's just a cell with some potential. Now if you can't argue your point with logic quit pretending you can.
Well now we're getting into how do you define what's human? Most people say that what sets us apart is self awareness. Now it's been proven that animals have a degree of selfwareness but not to the same degree as a human. The human fetus goes through many stages before becoming human enough to be capable of being selfaware so I'd say it's much later than conception. Until then it's really not much different than any other kind of fetus. And at the early stages not much...
So do you believe Human life begins at conception and from then on the product of that conception is the same as a Human and why ( be specific )?
Tell me why you would believe that.
But some would say Human life begins later. Until then it's just a mass of tissue with potential. Are you saying that life begins with potential because you'd better try to outlaw condoms as well!
You know if one post could sum you up this would be the one.
It's called a blind spot SDW. I'm not playing this game with you.
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