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Why bother SDW. You've already judged them without hearing what the are. Like everything you talk about.
[/QUOTE] Only in your mind SDW. And you didn't even comment on my link to the Remastered TNG. It's my way of respecting you as a fellow ST fan even though you do have an outragous take on things.
Well someone has been brainwashed by the Cardassians and is seeing too many lights and it's not tonton. On a side note SDW I just purchased TNG The Next Level HD 3 episode sampler disc on Bluray. In case you haven't heard they did a great job remastering the series and you wouldn't believe how good it looks! I didn't know if you were aware of this but if you like TNG it's worth looking into. There's a trailer for it at the...
So you're a Romney supporter? And he was being heckled in the state where Ron Paul is doing well to! I thought you'd be in favor of this one.
As far as how Romney is doing here's a little something :http://video.msnbc.msn.com/msnbc-tv/...msnhp#46351475
I'm afraid tonton is correct. Comparing Iran to Japan or Germany in the 30's or 40's is laughable at best. Or showing your lack of understanding to the times then or now at worst. However he is correct in comparing the US to the Soviet Union in the 80's. The Soviet Union didn't fall ( as so many hardcore conservatives would have you believe ) because we beat them. It fell because they tried to control too much and spent themselves into a hole with their military while...
Yeah that must be it. Sorry but don't have time for this. My wife wants the computer back. Later.
Yup! Not just Liberty for those people who go along with the plan and " Oh well. Too bad " for those who got screwed by those who don't.
If that notion makes you more comfortable so be it.
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