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And I've seen enough Hitchcock films to know what a " Red Herring " is.
Why? Because you disagree with them?Some would see those issues as important. Sorry. Some would see your priorities as a distraction MJ.
In your opinion. Myself and many others don't agree with your take on the whole thing.You've got that one right. Please keep it in mind.
That's a good one! Some would say it's what this upcoming election is all about.
Obama knows he's different from the average person out there. I really don't think Romney does. I don't know about you but I do my own grocery shopping and since a recent legal battle ( $8,000.00 ) I really have to watch my budget for awhile until I can get back to normal. This wouldn't phase an out of touch rich person. So you don't do your own shopping or budget? Do you ever have difficulty putting food on the table?
Like I was just saying.........
Yes. That and greed from the lending institutions.That's because as a response you gave your opinion. Everyone has one of those. It doesn't make it right.
Of course! SDW says it's based on flasehoods so it must be true! Why didn't I think of that! I wish it was that easy to rewrite history SDW but most of us don't go to the church of " SDW's always right! ". Someone's pretending here alright. Pretending to be trhe all seeing eye and we should just accept. Just like accepting that were WMD in Iraq when we invaded right? Come back to earth SDW.
When they don't do their own shopping or their own budget. Whe a bad month will mean numbers on a balance sheet instead of not putting food on the table. Get it?
[QUOTEYou portray the Bush years as some kind of Wild, Wild West with no regulation or oversight. Any honest person knows that regulation ][/QUOTE] That was a quote by someone concerning the nature of morgage lending during the Bush years. This is what no regulation does SDW.http://www.cleveland.com/business/in...uproar_sw.html You just don't get it and are probably not capable of getting it.
New Posts  All Forums: