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Ok trumpy show me your " Proof " ( not an election because people can make a mistake and it's drawing a conclusion from indirect evidence ).He not only predicted the downturn but how it would go ( and this didn't include what Obama's done but rather what he and others didn't do and it didn't include standing back and doing nothing ). Did you do this?Uh huh. Yeah sure you betcha.
No. You just sound that way. By the way hows that Ron Paul doing? You know of the three he really makes the most sense ( except he's fundimentally wrong on certain things of course ).
Yes of course SDW in your mind I'm sure you see it that way.
Learn to read please.
His experience with firing people you mean.
This is exactly right! I'm a landlord who just had a bit of problem with my rental. The people did trash it and trust me it's not going to fix itself for free. It won't do that either if I just step back and watch! By the same token maybe some wandering homeless person ( or any other natural force of entropy ) might just do the right thing and help fix up my rental to get it ready for occupancy again huh?
The point is Bush during his 8 years did nothing to regulate the banks and look where we are! I think one person discribed the lending institutions during that time as the wild west. And you're preaching that govenment do more of that? Maybe you missed this but I used to be a Libertarian ( when I was young ) and it's for this very reason I'm not anymore. You can't depend on people just doing the right thing. Some will but some won't. That's why we regulate. Libertarianism...
You know I'm not suggesting we should start a war. And yet you jump to really stupid conclusions in order to shore up your nonstatement. The point is we moved in the right direction by at least trying to avert the worst of this BY DOING SOMTHING. The doing nothing had already previously been tried during most of the Bush years ( letting lending institutions run amok ) and look where it got us. Can you say the same of Krugman the Nobel Laureate who preaches the same thing...
It would be really great if you could say something relevent. You're a master at saying something that sounds like it's proof of something when it's not. And about Krugman :And yet everything he's predicted about this downturn ( calling it just a recession at this stage seems really unrealistic ) has come to pass. Do you really think that if we followed the GOP or Libertarian line and just stepped back and watched things would fix themselves? If you do you're a bigger...
However if you say there's no one you like and don't vote we get stuck with another Bush type. Apathy is what got Bush elected in 2000. Don't let it happen again because now we can't afford that again. Obama hasn't done everything I like but he's light years better than what we could have.
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