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Ain't that the truth!
Because he's not a cheer leader for the rich. Romney represents everything that's not popular in this country right now. Rich and out of touch. Newt ( Mr. Neocon ) is an idiot that has so much baggage he's an easy target. Take your pick.
Sigh! Most people agree that the current economic crisis was brewing years before it became obvious. That means that George Bush had 8 years to fix it and did nothing until the very end. Most of us here were saying " There's no one at the wheel " And what about our children? " during most of his time in office. This thing took years to make and Bush was in charge during most if not all of it. Bush started with a recession but also a surplus and a balanced budget. He went...
I'll put it to you. Name a Democrat in a major race that you've voted for in the last 30 years. If it helps I voted for the Libertarian candidate Roger Macbride in 1976 ( incidently the year I met my wife she was 17 and I was 23 ). Republicans haven't thrilled me for a long time.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_MacBride And yes the GOP is a joke these days. One of the people who helped put them there is now running for president.
That's a very subjective statement!
All I have to say is just watch. That and oh yeah! Go Newt! And they are a joke. One is Mr. Neocon himself from the 90's and the other is uber rich. What connection ( or motivation to help ) to the common man out there would he have?http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/_news...y-trails-obamaAnd a moon base in every pot! http://www.kdvr.com/news/kdvr-if-ele...,1031226.story Now if any of you here know me you know I'm a big advocate of space exploration. However this is all about...
Speaking of sending flowers Go Newt!
Yes it's a tight race. Go Newt!
Of course you would.
That was a discussion. Just not one you agreed with. And no I'm not going away. As far the WMD it's a prime example right here of you ignoring the obvious. Something important ( especially given your signature ) to continue to point out.
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