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Of course you would.
That was a discussion. Just not one you agreed with. And no I'm not going away. As far the WMD it's a prime example right here of you ignoring the obvious. Something important ( especially given your signature ) to continue to point out.
You also thought there were WMD in Iraq when we invaded.
The problem you have is that you don't think he can win over Obama. I think Romney won't have a walk in the park either.
http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com...ng-in-florida/Go Newt!
What's the matter SDW? Some people not seeing it your way? Could it be a difference in the way you reason?
Get real! You know he'll get mad and fly off the handle at something. Obama is no slouch as far as being able to present facts in a very logical and clear manner. Newt wouldn't stand a chance. But go Newt!
Funny myself and many others remember history differently.
Ah! There you go expecting logic again! Shame on you!
It's the thinking, reasoning part that's different. They can't even see it. I know that the studies I've talked about ( and curiously enough got such a rise out of SDW and trumpy ) about the Amygdala aren't conclusive but they do tend to show that their version of reasoning is pretty different.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biology...al_orientation
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