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I guess I am assuming Iris will be included in the next update, just because it would be glaringly absent if it weren't. My dilemma is, I don't need an iMac, I don't want to pay for another laptop just to run my multiple monitors, and I don't want to get a year-old Mac Mini that's going to be obsolete pretty soon. I just need a Mac-in-a-box, that's all.
 So it seems as though a reasonably optimistic expectation would be December. I can handle that. I do remember a few years back when I was able to purchase a Mini on Black Friday from Amazon for a $100 discount. No matter - I will buy a Mini no matter what the update, as soon as the revisions are released.
Does this bring us one step closer to wireless syncing?
I guess it's NOT a no-brainer, so I have to ask: will I finally be able to stream music from my iPhone directly to my two ($79 each) Airport Express base stations? Or is Apple going to require me to buy another device to perform this apparently simple function?
Yep. Guitar = Garageband '11
I would be surprised (or disappointed) if Apple did not offer a 64GB version of the iPhone HD. Similar to another poster above, I've been readying my iPod Touch 32GB for quite some time for the migration to iPhone, and I've been drooling over the notion of double the space. Over 20 years ago, someone very smart told me, "No matter how big your hard drive is, you'll fill it up eventually." I still remember when $1/MB was cheap for a 1 gig drive. And the guy who had it was...
Beautiful! Is that a camera on the top? When will we see Apple do an integrated (in-screen) camera for eye-contact videochatting?
I wouldn't put it past Apple, though, to correct for "accidental" touches. It seems the me the current iPhone sort of does that. I haven't taken the time to figure out exactly which presses are registered and which are not, but it seems that whenever I want to touch something without causing a certain function to happen, it works. I suppose it's the intuitive press-release algorithm and timing. I love the mockup. When are we expecting the announcement? Ireland, any...
Maybe I'm missing something, but this is the only iPhone 4G thread I could find on here. I am surprised the topic is not more popular. I suspect iPad fever has gone full-tilt. I predict the new iPhone will have a slightly larger screen (based on some "leaked" photos sailing about on the internet), a front-facing camera (wishful thinking, but I think it will finally bring us to the age of Captain Kirk and Communicators), and an ARM processor with OS 4.0 that permits...
That's a pretty good point. The "No OS X - no buy" crowd will at least have a chance to cry themselves to sleep tonight and maybe they'll wake up with a new perspective.
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