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HI   Does anyone know of a copying tool for the Mac like Fastcopy or Richcopy for windows?   Like they are lsited here: http://lifehacker.com/5280976/five-best-alternative-file-copiers   Thanks a lot   Thorsten
Oh man seriously? I did not equate them. And also weren't you the one one saying Apple users don't care about Specs? And it wouldn't surprise me if in like 5 years we have Macbook Pros running on ARM without fans.
Well mostly joking I don't expect a Laptop without fans. But obviously its possible to built Hardware without fans its a questions of engineering and what kind of CPUs, GPUs etc. you put in there. A good example would be the iPad which does not use any fans as far was I know.
Interesting what kind of specialized "profesional" machines are you talking about?Are there any in the Laptop space? Only thing that comes to my mind are those I believe Panasonic Laptops which you could pretty much throw from the Empire State Building and they still would be fine and maybe Gaming Laptops wich are soft of specialized.I guess I would just expect that the "Profesional Mac User" is a person who edits a lot of Movies and Music as well as Photoshop (I am...
Fans for cooling? Come on use some intelligent design and proper materials and we don't need any fans!! Only Fanboys !!! :-D
No problem: I suggest some duct tape right in the center seems to be a big hole where you can still put stuff. :-P
1. I am an Apple Customer I care. I believe many people care about Specs but I agree many people including many Windows customers don't care and don't understand specs. 2. I never said anything about 8GB sticks. MBP can have a maximum of 2 x 4 GB sticks. = in total 8 GB. While many other profesional Laptops have 4 slots so 2 more than MBP which gives them a maximum of 4 x 4Gb sticks = 16GB.
To you first point. Em yes I would understand it and if not I would look it up. Or even better Apple should explain it. Or they might as well not give any specs at all. But since they do give us the specs they are obviously something to talk about. And used to compare to other products. Otherwise what are the specs good for? Regarding the iMac yes your right so never mind. Regarding the RAM yes your right the Lenovo W-Series is about 1 cm thicker. But still I believe 8...
Well I agree that you might have point about the display and if thats the case then Apple should explain that somewhere. But since Apple encourages me to pay $100 extra to get a resolution of 1680 x 1050 instead of 1440 x 900 I have to assume that even more would be even better. But again you might be right and if that is the case it should be explained somewhere. Or maybe just list the Pixel spec next to the viewing angle spec and then I see that the viewing angle...
I totally agree. I don't get it why does Apple not increase the screen resolution? I mean I buy Apple because I want the damn best thing out there that just works. And Apple usually fulfills that promise. But for sometime now I am wondering why is the resolution higher with other Laptop manufacturers? And why can we not get more RAM? Isn't the machine called Macbook ""PRO"" ??? Meaning "Professional"???!!! And then I think "Oh well I am sure with the next update Apple will...
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