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Biggest Problem I have: No Bookmark Synchronisation. Maybe that will come some day ...
This MMS stuff sounds like bull* to me or it has not been properly explained. We are sending Emails with pictures all the time over the iPhone. We are uploading videos to youtube. How come the network can handle that, but not a simple MMS, which probably won't be used too much since each MMS costs money, and Emails are FREE.
If Steve would be true to his word and not care about making money on Music only on hardware we would finally see Subscription!!! Can't wait for that day to come :-)
Great the guy is dead, will never see this money. And probably anybody else involved with making these songs will not see any money either. its just money to the industry. I feel people are getting the money, who don't deserve to get it. Or what do you think?
I think renting is very good, as long as you get something in return, i.e. some song credit. The only complain I have about the Microsoft deal, is that it should be cheaper why not 5$ and 5 songs? Or even better 10 songs. I think for that deal everybody would get it. I mean why wouldn't you? 10 songs, each for 50 cents? Plus all the Music in the world, as long as you pay $5 every month? I bet almost everybody in the western world would go for that deal.
I so agree!!! Such a pass would be awesome with iTunes, Its almost exactly the pass I have been dreaming of. Well I was hoping to 5$ and 10 songs, but hey almost there :-D
I thought "Hey I make a direct comparison to the Dell XPS One", but its just not possible, to get a proper Graphics Card with the Dell you have to spend at least $1,999, but the Dell comes with Quad Core at $1,699. Which Apple does offer at all!!! I thought at the last upgrade the iMacs got Quad Cores??? I guess not, sort of disappointing, I thought at least the top end model would offer quad core. I hoope Apple does a small refresh soon and will offer QuadCore.
Well, I have not read all comments so maybe somebody already made this point. It seems to me everybody here is jumping at the defense of Apple and how unfair the comparison is, and I agree with most of that, and the comparison is unfair. Also let me say, that my main machine is and for the foreseeable future always will be a Mac. But I think there are 2 big reasons not to buy a Mac. First if I want a big Laptop screen i.e. bigger than 13", I have to spend over...
So does that mean we can fnally send attachements with our Email? Hopefully apps like Air Sharing and FileMagnet, can use the new in App Mail APIs to do just that. I'll definetly keep my fingres crossed. If that feature is coming to the iPhone I think I am only missing video capture :-)
Yeah I can't wait for the new iPod Nanos to come out with integrated Wifi and the ability to request songs from the iTunes DJ. Because thats the only thing thats missing from the iTunes DJ, enough people being able to request songs. With the most popular iPod in the mix being able to request songs from the DJ, there should be enough devices to go around :-) Or maybe an iPodTouch Nano? Just something to get a voting tool in the hands of everybody.
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