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Edit: Deleted, Posted in wrong threat sorry :-)
I think it is just weird, that the update for older OS versions is so much smaller (71 MB) than the update for the newest version (372 MB). And on the Apple website it says you can use the 71 MB update also for 10.5.5. This is just totally weird. Almost looks like, they replaced something in 10.5.5 which they are now again replacing with something that was already there since the beginning. But still does not explain why the 71 MB update is also supposed to work with ...
Hey I have tried connecting to ICQ with the AIM App on the iPod Tocuh but it doesn't seem to be working. I am simply using the AIM login and type as Screenname and my number and then my password. It should work shouldn't it? AIM and ICQ are on the same network right? Anybody have success with ICQ? Cheers Thorsten
Hm, I have to try that with the new keyboard if its really that easy I am always worried I trash a keyboard if I do that.
Hey Does anybody know where you can buy a Dvorak Keyboard for the Mac these days? I cannot evenf ind any for windows. I know Apple used to make Dvorak Keyboard back when the first imac came out. but they also seem to have dropped that habit. I guess you can learn Dvorak with a piece of paper in front of you, and after sometime you will know where all the buttons are. But I would really prefer to have a proper keyboard with the right buttons infront of...
Well I have $20 that is not the point. The point is imagine, the Touch is the Macbook and the iPhone the Macbook Pro. Now they both run the very same operating system. I mean identical. Even in some of the warning messages on the iPod Touch it talks about me not having Edge when Wifi is not available. But the Touch does not even offer Edge. The Warning message a simple Text is not even customized ofr the iPod Touch. So int he beginning the Macbook Pro (iPhone) came with...
I didn't say its true for Mobile pones, what I meant is because people have T-Com as their landline they tend to use T-Mobile. Uups sorry I actually sad that a bet wrong about the coverage of E-Plus what I meant it that E-Plus concentrates on Metropolitain areas because thats is where you can actually make money.
Well why are people still using Windows? Or Apple for that matter, its also expensive after all. T-Mobile is first of all teh standard choice as it was the monopoly of the state, and for landline t-Com still has this monopol you usually don't have a choice and have to use T-Com if you want a proper landline. So its just in people's heads to use T-Mobile. Also By law they have to have the most wide network and cover all of Germany. Other providers like E-Plus only cover...
Well it does apply to the iPhone in the UK, and no thats not the same thing as in Germany. In germany you do not get a letter in Germany, in Germany they just slow down your internet to ISDN speeds once you reach a specific limit
Really it ssays unlimited here http://www.o2.co.uk/iPhone-Tariffs.html But some kind of fair usuage policy applies whats that?
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