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Well there is nothing really new about these is there? Its basically more bang for your buck, nothing new at all aas far as i can tell, same macbooks as before just lowest end model is now fast than before. What has really changed? And as far as I can tell the Super Drive is the same speed as the MacBook Pros
I don't think that Apple can make the same mistakes as Walmart.Because the Apple Store Model is excellent, and I believe Germans will like it a lot.When you buy a Mac these days in Germany you feel like walking into a store that sells Computer parts and happens to sell Macs too but not a Mac Store.So I am really looking forward to the Apple Stores.Also the Mac Stores in Germany, always complain about Apple how Apple treats them and that probably is Apples fault so I am...
Apple Please don't call it the MacPro!!! MacPro just sounds shit. I can live with MacBook Pro especially when you know about the Macbook and then think ok Macbook Pro for professioanls. But Mac Pro?? Come on? maybe ProMac but even that sounds stupid. Maybe TowerMac or MacTower would be a solution but also not quite it sounds like a Dell Product the new TowerMac besides its too close to PowerMac This is very difficult but Apple please don't call the new...
Why is it that Apple is doomed could you elaborate?
I think something similar like that. I think the devie would come with a touch screen and iPod slots so when your at an outdoor party people can just slid their iPods in your boombox and you can have an awesome party. The Music is accessed via a touchscreen interface and looks similar to iTunes and the the iPod. Maybe the Boombox would have a build to order option for a harddrive so the BoomBox also becomes kiind of an iPod. When your at home the Boombox wirelessly syncs...
Well I think we will see new MacMini and possible video iPod and Boombox, if the images are true. I myself hope for a MacBook as I want to get one asap. I believe the MacMini rumour to be very true while I would expect the MacBook and around April and the videoIpod anytime within the next 6 month.
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