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Finally figured out the proper terms to use in google to bring up what I want and I found these two pages: http://developer.apple.com/internet/...scripting.html http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/ma...sx.html?page=1 Case closed. Sorry for wasting everyone's time
Can anyone help me create a file (to run in the terminal or via applescript) to batch delete a bunch of files? The files are scattered across a whole bunch of folders but I have the full path and file name. I made a simple batch file for the PC that just runs the "del" command followed by the full path and filename but I don't know how to do the same under OS X. Example of a typical path would be /Volumes/My External HD/images/MyFolder/myfile.jpg I know I will...
thanks whyatt trash! I'm going to keep this one as it may come in handy as well. Eventually I'll be able to put all these little applescripts together to make one giant automated system and stay at home while the script is being productive for me at work
Marvin rules!! I just did a quick test and it works as advertised. I got all the folders without the files! Once this horribly long batch finishes up, I can connect the drive to the other computer and save myself hours of work by using this lovely script. Sure glad I asked for help Oh yeah, can this work in 10.3 or is it only 10.4? Thanks Marvin, you rule!!
I sometimes wonder about doing things like this myself but can Photoshop do it? When you use the batch option, you can choose to put everything into one folder or overwrite the original. There have been times when I wanted to save the file to another folder, keeping the folder structure, but photoshop can't do this (unless you write an applescript/javascript to do it instead of using actions and the batch command but that's a royal pain). If I'm missing something and this...
Is there a way, either via the finder or terminal, or with some utility, to copy the folder structure of a given folder without copying all the files? On windows, I can use xcopy /T but I need a mac solution this time. Any suggestions?
jroller, Thanks for the tip. I didn't know I could do that. I rarely search for things on my computer and if I do, it's just for a filename. This depends on spotlight I'm guessing? I've turned it off on my machine at home so I'm not turning up any results. At work spotlight is still turned on so it will probably work as expected. We'll find out monday morning. Thanks for the great info... it's appreciated.
Oh great applescript gods, I need help again. I've got folder, subfolders and subfolders of subfolders. Hiding inside all of these folders are tons of images in RGB except a very small number which are in CMYK. I need to find those CMYK images. I see ColorSyncScripting has a color space property as part of the image class (?) I'd like a script where I can select the top level folder and have the applescript go through every folder looking for images and if it...
Does anyone know of a utility similar to file buddy but that runs under windows? I would have asked on PC board (not that I know of any) but I'm sure all those people have never heard of file buddy so I'm asking here. thanks
I am so smart, S-M-R-T..... You guys scared me pretty good with the XSLT stuff. I looked into it, downloaded programs and gave up. I figured it would be faster to do it by hand than to learn what I needed. Using my favourite method of solving problems, the kludgy work-around, I think I solved this. All my data is in excel so I can create a new field that looks like this: parameter="1000-2000" format="static text"abc123 The 1000-2000 and the abc123 are...
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