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Is the iBook app included for the iPhone?
That's how I feel. I used to have an iMac and MBP, but found keeping them synced was pain. So I got rid of the iMac even though I liked it more, because I needed something on the road. However, with the iPad, I plan to get an iMac to replace the MBP. Now, if they'd just make an iPhone Nano, I'd get that to replace my iPhone.
This, I don't quite understand. Why would AT&T want you to do that?
The question for me is whether the device is productive enough to replace my MBP with an iMac plus the iPad. Then, I'd still only be carrying two devices around. This might cannibalize MBP sales a little, but I think it will bring in a lot more people with PC's who switch to a Mac after buying this, even more so than the iPhone has.
Here's the market capitalization on NASDAQ and NYSE of a few technology companies, but I don't have numbers for revenue and earnings. I'm not sure what other companies to include. In $Billions 262.4 Microsoft 185.5 Apple 172.5 Google 164.7 IBM 118.0 Hewlett Packard 110.4 Intel 26.53 Dell 22.42 Yahoo 7.155 Sun Microsystems 5.703 AMD 149.9 AT&T 85.67 Verizon 59.41 Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) 9.811 Sprint Nextel
... and architects and any drafting for engineering etc.
Hopefully, USBOverdrive can make a 2 finger tap simulate a middle click. I remember when 3 button mice first came out, the older 2 button mice would simulate the middle button by pressing both buttons at the same time. I also hope they can remap each of the flicks to a button or keystroke—left, right, up, down, one, and two fingers, which would greatly enhance it's usefulness.
There is Accounts by Nano Software.
I have 4 files that I've deleted and then emptied the trash, but the Finder keeps replacing them in my Downloads folder. Another aspect of this that puzzles me is that the files are empty, they show zero KB in size. I've opened them with Text Edit, added random text, saved, and deleted again. But the Finder still replaces them with empty files afterwards. I've tried rebooting the machine and it still doesn't help. I can't figure out how to get rid of these files. Does...
Could you explain this in more detail. What would I need to do to get my laptop to connect to the AT&T hotspot?
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