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There's also a practical aspect to it. Retailers don't make any extra money by charging a penny more, because they will be taxed an extra penny at that price point. So rather than give it to the government, they let you keep it by charging a penny less. Pennies were actually worth something a long time ago, but the principle still remains.
In the System Preferences.app, there is setting for Keyboard & Mouse. Under the trackpad tab, at the bottom of the window is a setting to ignore the trackpad when a mouse is attached. And under the keyboard tab, while there isn't a setting to disable the keyboard, there is a slider at the top right, where if you set it all the way to the left, it will turn of key repeats.
I had the same situation and had no problem syncing my home folder using ChronoSync on Tiger. However, when I upgraded to Leopard, I had problems syncing iCal, Address Book, and Safari Bookmarks.
Apple's next updates are rumored to be the MacTop and MacTop Pro.
I had the HDHomeRun also. Nothing special was needed, I just connected it to my router and EyeTV found it after going through the setup dialog. Contact Elgato if you're still having problems.
The EyeTV EZ mentioned above accepts only analog input and not digital, so if you want digital HDTV, get the Hybrid/HVR-950. However, if this comes with EyeTV 2.0 software, then it would be worth the purchase just for this. I have both the Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick and the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-950, both work equally well and work fine with the EyeTV software. The only significant difference is that the Pinnacle unit comes with a remote control. The remote also works with...
Spongy, You may want to consider getting two separate devices, the Elgato Turbo.264 for encoding, and another device for viewing and recording--depending on your other requirements. Future-ex-pc-user, You and Spongy haven't mentioned how you plan to receive TV signals. Will you be using analog cable, digital cable (QAM), or digital antenna? If you're using analog cable, then you'd definitely need a firewire interface. The amount of bandwidth it uses is around several...
I'm not sure what the issue is that you're complaining about. I bought an iMac with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and no additional keyboard was needed for the setup. Bluetooth is enabled during the initial boot setup and it searches for the keyboard and mouse.
All of the Linksys routers have the Linksys software on it and they all look the same. However, some of them are based on Linux and some are based on a proprietary OS, they just kept the same user interface to keep consistency between each version. In order to modify any of the routers, the whole firmware has to be flashed, so if you're going to make changes, then whatever is initially on there is almost irrelevant.
The Linksys WRT54G used to be the router of choice by hackers when it first came out. This was mainly because of two reasons, first, it had removable antennas. Hackers could replace them with high gain antennas to setup wireless hotspots, and even use large directional antennas to communicate with others across town. Second, they used the Linux operating system. This allowed the firmware to be changed to add additional functionality such as Quality of Service, Load...
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