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RLM Tools also makes a few HP simulators. http://www.rlmtools.com/
Are each of the USB ports on the new iMacs on a separate bus or on the same bus? I'm asking because I want to have multiple streaming analog video from cable tv come into it. Right now, while using a MacBook Pro, there is not enough bandwidth to allow 2 streams at the same time. Apparently both USB ports are on the same bus. So I'd like to know if I get a new iMac, will it accept both sources of video. Would there be some other way to get both streams into the unit?
Use TVShows app to automatically download shows, then you can watch whenever you want. Or, get one of the Elgato EyeTV products and use your computer as a DVR. Either way, watching TV on your computer will save space in your room.
Is there a way to get iTunes to skip ahead 10 seconds or some other specific time increment? I'd like to be able to press the arrow key (or Cmd-arrow) and be able to skip forward or backward a small amount of time like you can in VLC. How can this be done?
This is usually the default condition. Just connect your Mac and it should work. You don't need a 3rd party program, DHCP is configured in System Preferences under the Network tab. Are you using ethernet or wifi? And, what version of MacOS are you using?
The following are the ones that I've found. Let me know if you've found any others. Memtech Bitmicro Adtron
If it's not bootable, it would still be useful for virtual memory to speed up the system.
Take a look at Aperture and Lightroom. Google Aperture vs Lightroom to find comparisons to find which would be better for you.
If you're going to spend that much money, then consider getting a Slingbox Tuner. http://us.slingmedia.com/page/slingboxtuner.html
Phone videos are good for capturing emergencies and spur of the moment incidents when you wouldn't normally be carrying a video camera with you. Many police brutality, disasters, robberies, etc. have been captured with phone videos. Also, the infamous 'Macaca' gaffe was taken with a phone video which cost the Republicans the senate majority in the last election.
New Posts  All Forums: