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Take a look at MarketCircle DayLite or Chronos SOHO Organizer for an Address Book replacement. http://www.macworld.com/2006/08/revi...o552/index.php http://www.chronosnet.com/Products/sohoorganizer.html http://www.marketcircle.com/products/index.html
Which MLS service does your wife use? I'm able to get on http://matrix.mris.com/ with no problem using any of my browsers.
Is the Cingular contract really necessary? Won't you be able to buy an iPhone in the aftermarket, unlock it, and install your current SIM card to use with any GSM network? Even if the phone is sold locked, I would think someone would find a hack to unlock it very quickly because of the high demand for it.
They were saying that all headphones will sound better with an amp. However, the Grado SR80 and Sennheiser HD240 require less power than most other good headsets, and therefore still sound good on portable players.
You didn't mention your price range. However, for around $100, goodcans.com recommends the Grado SR80, AKG K240Studio, and the Sennheiser HD240Pro. You can read their reviews here: http://www.goodcans.com/HeadphoneRev...mendations.htm
Dmber, as already stated by BRussell, the microphone needs to be powered by an amplifier to be recognized--an unpowered one will not be recognized by the line-in port. If you don't want to get the amplifier mentioned above, you can try a USB microphone or use the iMic.
I just migrated my PowerBook G4 system over to a MacBook Pro and X11 seems to have disappeared. I had the app icon docked on the old system, and now a question mark is displayed inside of the icon. Furthermore, the app itself is no longer in the Applications or Utilities folder. So I downloaded the X11.dmg file from Apple to reinstall it, but the installer won't let me because it says that there's a newer version present. Does anyone know how to get X11 up and running again?
That's essentially what I said, that they won't produce a simple spreadsheet app. In comparing the relationship of Pages to TextEdit, Pages is more than just a more powerful word processor, it's conceptually different in its use--the thought process is almost reversed. In TextEdit, you generally begin by entering the content with very little or very basic attention paid to the formatting. You then edit the format afterwards to get it to look the way you want. However in...
The tables function in Pages 2 is intended to be capable of working as a simple spreadsheet, so I doubt Apple will come out with a separate simple spreadsheet app. If Apple comes out with Numbers, it's more likely to be for modeling, along the lines of Quantrix, and/or a database app. It'll probably be a hybrid of the two.
Also, you should order it with 512MB of RAM, then go to www.ramseeker.com where you can get 2GB of RAM for less than the cost of upgrading to 1GB through Apple.
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