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Glad I got my orange one! It looks great with the white.
I love when reality steps in.
That picture isn't as farfetched as you think.
As for post-PC vs PC+, the only real differences between the two are power and interface. As chips are miniaturised and battery tech improves, the first becomes irrelevant over time. As for interface, it's already easy as pie to add a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth if that's what you want. All peripherals can in fact be networked when the postPC matures, including going wirelessly into a setup that perfectly mimics the user experience of a desktop PC. I wish people...
I'm starting to believe that an open source OS (Linux? Android? Mozilla? Other?) will trounce Microsoft in the next 3 to 5 years. Whether iOS/OS X+ has a big future, not sure. I think if Jobs vanishes, that will be the *beginning* of the end for Apple.And actually I think the most likely is that our devices will become thin clients (HTML5+?) to a network/cloud based system. In many ways they already are that iCloud is the extremely rudimentary beginning to a cluster of...
It's a shame that the USA doesn't have more GSM-based service providers. If they did, you'd see some awfully nice deals, both in terms of extended contracts and rolling month to month and even PAYG deals. Here in the UK, O2 and 3 have terrific sim-only deals for iPhone.
I'm concerned that these will re-disable AirPrint.
This doesn't seem to break anything. This isn't like jailbreaking or unlocking a device.
It's also evil.
People seem to be jumping the gun here in calling a winner. Google's offering is as crippled as Apple's. Where is ABC? Sorry, but CBS isn't much of a partner in our household. I am sure that Google will have all sorts of new features and strategies as this evolves, but it's early days still and there is no winner yet. Regarding Apple, I think one would be wise to wait for AirPlay to roll out before evaluating AppleTV. We still don't know exactly what it will...
New Posts  All Forums: