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The merits of the argument made here are undermined by the distraction of what has become a familiar wounded-fanboy tone in Daniel Eran Dilger's articles. His recent piece "WSJ backpedals on iPhone 5c supply chain cuts story" had a similar tone. Click-bait editorializing is one thing, but these articles get a little too close to sounding like sophomoronic sneering. This all the more disappointing when, as is the case with these articles, there are actually some sensible...
I think the Game Center icon might be three balloons.
Some of the points about the image quality required for use online at low resolutions are valid, but only if you have a good enough image in the first place. The iPhone is a hugely useful tool for journalists but if you try to use one to zoom several hundred metres past a cordon of riot police, or to capture a usable image of a moving subject in low light then you're going to run into difficulties. There are some situations in which what you need, if you actually want a...
    Why on earth should Apple have to tell you something so darned obvious?   If this sort of compatibility issue has actually come as a surprise to you then you probably shouldn't be installing a brand new OS immediately upon release. You might be better advised to wait for the 10.8.1 or even 10.8.2 release.
I have synced iCal on Snow Leopard with my iCloud iCal. So far, I have got all the calendars and events to show up on the 10.6 Mac, but I haven't yet tested syncing from the 10.6 machine to iCloud and on to my 10.7 Mac. I don't have an iOS device so I can't test that. On the 10.7 Mac I still have iSync. I kept it so that I can sync with an old mobile phone. With iCloud set up for iCal 5.0.1 on the 10.7 Mac, I opened iSync and looked at the calendars listed under the...
The TomTom car kit for iPhone reportedly contains its own, separate GPS chip. Would that not obviate the need for the device inserted into it to have its own chip? So why, even though "The iPod Touch and first generation iPhone DO NOT have GPS receivers" would they need one to function in a device that DOES have a GPS chip?
Just as an aside - I note that all these new iPod models require Tiger (10.4.8 or later for the shuffle, nano and classic, and 10.4.10 or later for the touch). So they've dropped support for Panther altogether, which I guess is only to be expected with Leopard looming.
How likely is it that an iPhone released exclusively on Cingular (or whatever network it is) could be unlocked to accept any SIM card? Would standard unlocking boxes be likely to work (the sort that can do existing cell/mobile phones), or would the fact that it would probabaly have Apple software rather than Symbian or whatever make it harder to do? If you want to see a fun mock-up of an iPhone take a peek at http://skangerland.blogspot.com
I'd like to see something affordable for cyclists. Also, a heart rate monitor would be useful for any sport and surely wouldn't be that tricky to do.
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