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"The chip does not sport a manufacturer's name or mark." Umm, doesn't the chip have an 'NXP' on the left hand side, reading upwards?
It's AAPL, not APPL.
I like how Apple has continually used the "say hello to xxx" meme throughout its advertising history, going all the way back to the original "say hello to Macintosh", but this is the first time you can interact with the product in a mostly human fashion. It's all part of forging that personal attachment to its products that Apple is so good at.
For those of us who can remember, this would actually be the third time it's been overhauled, as .Mac was the rebranding of the original iTools.
"System 7"? Don't you mean to say "MacOS 9"?
Exactly. I thought this was an April Fool's joke because the OP specifically pointed out the races. Weird.
As people have mentioned, ClickToFlash. It's fantastic.
You know, I can't be sure but it sounds like there was confusion on Apple reps' part on the difference between the normal retail version of SL and the Up-to-Date one. I also ordered the UTD version (on line), and it sure sounds like the retail version was prioritized over UTD. That is, all of the marketing hoo-ha about getting it ON the 28th seemed to apply only to retail, and that's what the reps were versed in. My UTD version shipped on the 28th, and it said to expect...
Hopefully, stupid lawsuits like this will become history: From today's NYT Justices to Weigh Issue of Patenting Business Methods I guess that even Amazon's One-Click patent will come under scrutiny then.
Safari 4's form widgets display resolution independence, when utilizing the Zoom functionality... that's a baby step.
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