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The new 3GS 16GB Black Within 2 days the phone kept on crashing and was unable to make calls unless I rebooted. Call O2 and they suggested re install of the 3.0 software. Subsequently compass no longer worked, and a full charge with no calls lasted only 8 hours and also the phone gets extremely hot. Re installed the software for the 4th time. Waiting for a new phone, except O2 don't expect any new stock until July 7th. This stinks !!!
Using the iPhone to type this. Go to O2/shop then follow links through for pay monthly etc. It's easy to find
Anyone seen the updated page on O2. Depending on your monthly bill will determine how quick you can upgrade to 3gs. It's a not bad offer actually.
Will O2 allow existing their customers with a 3g iPhone contract allow us to upgrade, after all they tied us into an 18 month contract which for initial 3g phone users isn't till the end of the year. Does anyone have any ideas ?
whisper from Carphone Warehouse is that July 17th is launch date
seems there's a new apple tv update today, looks like it went very quiet
I agree, I'm a in the UK, and wish at times could access US content...
Mine worked fine but it took about 15 - 20 mins. saw this earlier on, some advice from Apple http://www.9to5mac.com/ hope it helps
I'm with O2 and when I'm sent a picture message I get an O2 txt telling to go to their web site .. I'm given a password ...where I download the picture
In Europe they are, saw some data, where Western Europe sends far more picture messages than any other region in the world !
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