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I think he means business customers as in enterprise customers vs. consumers. If you look closer, MS makes most of their money with big companies & OEMs. This idea that an open system has to be superior is a meme I seriously doubt. If a complex thing like the history of Windows vs. Mac is your only datapoint, I would be careful to draw such simple, mechanistic conclusions. I would also be careful, to build all my other business around such a simple model. I get the feeling...
Guys this one is easy:Turn off "Dock Objects" in the MobileMe sync pane. That fixes it.
No, it's not fixed yet.Deactivate "Dock Objects" in MobileMe>Sync. That fixes it for me.
Maybe it's because Germans use a decimal comma, not a decimal point.
Isn't it getting time for a "Mac OS X App Store"? One place to shop, automatic install and automatic updates... the iPhone shows the way. Could be optional, for developers who dislike the 70% deal.
This has been debunked now. http://www.businessweek.com/technolo...gn_id=rss_tech
I agree. This article sound like a dream a music executive had.
In other news: No brown iPod nano announced iTouch not released No further delay on iPhone SDK
Does that mean it was good or bad?Dictionary confuses me here and I'm not a native speaker ;-).
Maybe the benchmark programs need to be adjusted? Could this be possible?Also its funny that people report everything is snappier and the benchmarkers report they lost a couple of points. Both could be right! Maybe they traded off psychological speed vs system performance?
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