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Maybe there was an update to some OS files and it has to back up those... you know with 10.5.2 and all... just an idea.
Bring back the full translucency! I can't believe they let all these blog-whiners win on this one! Blog writers are notoriously over-obsessed with such things, but "normal" people all thought the translucency was "cool". Pandering to the audience... I wonder how this could happen to Steve. :-D
Thank you BrianB for the comprehensive answers! Sounds great! :-)
1. How is the battery life under different conditions? Are the promised 5 hours with WLAN reached? How is it with the SSD? 2. Does the automatic brightness adjustment for screen and keyboard work well enough, so I don't have to adjust brightness manually? 3. Is the performance of the machine satisfiying for: Webbrowsing/Flash-Sites, iPhoto/iMovie and Office/iWork? 4. How hot does it get, and how loud does it get in the usage described in (3)? 5. Is the sound of...
The problem that arises now is that for the sceptics it looks a lot like a fashion-fluke. iPods out of hype, Macs are out of hype next, Apple goes down... was designed well but overpriced ... the whole usual bla-bla. They are transitioning from iPod to iPhone and its not gonna be easy, because they have to pull the same trick against stronger competitors (Nokia vs Creative anyone?). If it works, great, if it doesn't, watch Mac sales drop too.
If you want to know nothing about the announcements before you watched the keynote yourself, bookmark this: http://www.macrumors.com/2008/01/10/...eynote-stream/ They'll post a direct link to the stream, which will even keep the Apple.com homepage itself from spoiling the keynote-experience ;-).
On the medium tower myth There is no future for user-serviced PCs. Soon we'll all be using iPhone, iTVs and iFridges. And just like Phones, TVs and Fridges before, these devices will come out of a box, work instantly and get replaced in a multi-year cycle. If Apple ever had plans to make a medium tower, it was 10 years ago. Times have changed. Lets move on.
All current Macs have more than enough power to drive a 3-5 year old 42" plasma. The Plasma needs VGA or DVI input though. Without it, you are stranded. iMac and all Macbooks can share the screens, yes. Depending on the type of input on the plasma and the Mac you buy, a connection cable might be necessary, like "DVI-to-VGA adapter" or "Mini-DVI-to-DVI". Just check the inputs, then ask for a cable that supports either DVI or VGA for the Mac you choose in the store.
Happy XMAS everybody! So what was under your tree? Mine was not an Apple product, but a great accessory: A puma bag to stow away my Macbook on travels. And yours?
I find "The Unarchiver" much better than UnRarX, and Transmission is a great free alternative to Xtorrent. I also prefer Perian for media playback over VLC, because it allows you to watch a DivX file in Front Row. Skype is my favorite IM and beats Adium in "OS-X-ness".
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