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Transmission is definitly the way to go: - clean Mac interface - very robust feature set - very CPU/RAM friendly - Universal Binary - Open Source, totally free And here is a tipp for Leopard users: Don't forget to EXCLUDE the folder for your incomplete torrent downloads from your Time Machine backup. While you are downloading the temporary, incomplete file is likely to change every hour. So for a 1 GB file, Time Machine will create a 1 GB copy every hour, filling up...
I have one of these drives and would like to get a new one ASAP. I'm using time machine but I'm sure it's gonna fail in the least convenient moment.
I have the feeling Apple just doesn't "get" games. Yes, showing off HD pictures from your last holiday is great - if you can afford regular exciting holidays. For the masses, a good fantasy game is their holiday, and they have every right to have that "digital lifestyle" supported on the hippest device around. Apple is being snobbish about the whole music/pictures/movies thing. As if games couldn't be art, too.
It's only cheaper if you don't intend to use it.
a) They are not serious about penetrating the corporate world.b) Strategy is what you do as much as what you do not do.
Repairing disk permissions is pure voodoo."We" suggest to drink a sip of water, burn a match, blow it out and touch the ground before running an update.Just to be in peace with the four elements, you know...
MacBook CoreDuo, updated without any issues.
I want Warner Music in iTunes Plus! Go Bronfman go!
You see, even you are happy!
Pages for academics doesn't work at this point. Formula Editor, tier-numbered headings and bibliography support (with custom citation styles allowed). That would be sweet.
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