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I got my Macbook battery replaced at no charge because after the update capacity was down to 4400.
I went with a Cinema HD and have to say: It's worth it.
After-Update-Report: MacBook 13", Core Duo. System Profiler gives me these values: Full Charge Capacity (mAh)t4387 Cycle Countt76 I think this warrants a call to Apple...
How about iChat for Windows bundled into iTunes, activated with your AppleID (same as on iTunes purchase) and ability to make iChat <-> iPhone calls [iPhone via WiFi]?Why not establish your own IM network when you have such big beachheads in place already?
A target price is based on what the analyst thinks the company is really worth. The idea behind it: As the market comes to realize how right the analyst was in his predictions of future revenue and profit of the company, the stock price will move towards the target price. It also gives an indication on whether the analyst thinks the stock is currently undervalued or overvalued. Similarily, it also gives you an indication as to when you should consider selling the stock -...
If they are moving to a entirely new UI it would make a lot of sense to unify all existing programs as a first step (get them to use the same UI framework). Either way this is good, as it makes the interface more consistent and paves the way for consistent, overall interface upgrades. Now lets just hope they can get these cowboys who work on the iTunes UI in check...
If you switch from your PowerBook to a MacBook, here are... ..the GAINS: - more raw processor power - built-in camera - magnetic latch, power cable - scrolling touchpad (you might have that already) - very compact form factor ..the DRAWBACKS: - glossy screen - plastic shell - lower screen resolution - Office for Mac does not run at native speed (yet) - less RAM (Macbook has no dedicated VRAM, so you need to factor in 64+ MB for that) - lower 3D performance...
I would love to get the Cinema Display, just for its looks. I was waiting for a price move/upgrade from Apple on that. Now that it happend though, I feel underwhelmed. I have the feeling that you can easily get a monitor of the same quality for half the price. Am I right or am I missing something when I compare displays? What are your suggestions for cheaper Cinema Display alternatives? Best Regards Andreas
@direwolf: AAC is an open standard. Other players can support it, and some already do. Besides, withouth DRM, you can convert your iTunes-purchased AAC files to whatever format you like. @Ireland: Pluzeee. Why don't you ask Apple to send you free Macbooks while you are at it. They negotiated a milestone for users like you and me, and now you want to niggle around? Are you German or what is wrong with you? (I'm allowed to say that, cause I'm German.)
No, all prices are WITHOUT taxes (VAT, USt, etc.), because the US price is without.Otherwise comparisons get distorted. So WITHOUT taxes Apple charges a 20% premium in Europe.
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