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Check this out: 30 GB iPod Black, official Apple Store. All prices calculated in US$ and w/o tax as of 30/3/2007. UK: 299.15$ Germany: 301.26$ US: 249$ So they are still significantly (20%) overcharging the UK, however, they brought it down to their average European rip-off price.
Fake. WWDC is in June, and the Leopard sessions are planned in.
Has someone measured the power consumption of the iPod Hi-Fi? As it doesn't have an on/off switch I am curious how much it consumes, when the music is set to pause. The iPod dims, sleeps and switches off in short order after pausing it. Which I find spectacularly well done. I also like that the Hi-Fi itself doesn't have a power button, but elegant design would then call for it to really minimize its consumption while not in use. All I could find on apple.com is...
1. Deleting Files form within a Playlist Lets say you have made yourself a playlist for sorting out some music and decide to delete half the files in the playlist: Pressing the "Delete" key won't work, as it simply removes the song from the playlist, rather than telling iTunes to delete it. The trick is to press Option+Delete: Now you get the usual confirmation dialogue. This also works with smart playlists. 2. Skipping the Confirmation Don't need to be asked twice...
I second Seashore.
Is he always wearing the jeans and black turtle neck? This is funny! :-)
Here's another one: http://gymlink.co.nz (if he can do this, I can too)
You guys just took my thread and ran away with some wild topic! I am perfectly happy coding my entire site by hand. This is not up for discussion! Anyhow, where should I spend my money to improve the hand-coding experience? Hardware? Software?
I did a search now, and iPowerWeb is actually not a web server, it's a provider... lol. I will just assume that they are using Apache as their web server, because that's what most do. Try the following: Create a file called ".htaccess" in the home directory (http://www.alternativecollective.com/). Into this file you write exactly what I put between -SNIP- and -SNAP-: -SNIP- RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^/$...
Hello Guys, I've been doing some webdesign on the side for years, with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I recently took over the challenge of redesigning Gymlink New Zealand (http://gymlink.co.nz), a pilates/yoga/gym search portal for New Zealand. The goal is too advance it into a more community-focused site. Anyways, I was always using a simple setup of Transmit and TextWrangler to do all my coding, from scratch, text-only. I want to keep with this style as it gives me the...
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