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You can send a PDF file to people, that works great no matter which program you use or they use, they can always display it with the free Adobe Reader. If you want to create Word, Excel or Powerpoint files you should use Office:mac 2004. Even though its not UB it works fine on intel macs. Also, Microsoft is preparing a new version for this year, Office:mac 2008 that will be UB.
Step 1: Partition it using Disk Utility. This will erase all data on the drive and result in two paritions.Step 2: Backup using SuperDuper to the parition that has the size of your internal drive. Now you have your backup back.Step 3: Use the second parition of the drive for anything else you want to keep on the drive.
The HiFi is best transported in its original box. Measure it to see whether it fits with the size requirements for carryon luggage of your flight. If so, check the weight of it as well. If it meets all requirements, you have no problem taking it on board. However, you could also keep it in its original package, put it all in a bigger cardboard box, stuff that with newspapers and put the whole thing in your biggest suitcase or check it in as separate luggage. Consider that...
In my experience no problem with long files, had an audio-book with 8hour-files on my Nano. Try updating iTunes to the latest version as a first step.
I didn't think this was Warez because obviously X11User.pkg is useless without a copy of Tiger, in which case you have X11User.pkg anyway. It's just a matter of having physical access to your DVD at the moment or not. In regards to stealing Photoshop, I didn't like that either here. I mean, that's why I started a threat about alternatives in the first place, cause I didn't want to steal.
How about using a good FTP client like Transmit to synchronize between your iWeb-exported folder and the contents on your web server. Transmit has an option to upload only changed or new files.
I discovered another one: Seashore: http://seashore.sourceforge.net - open source and free - layer support - clean interface - Universal is available: http://seashore.sourceforge.net/preview.php So far the best I found. I tried ChocoFlop and GraphicConverter but they don't seem to go beyond Seashore in functionality (for my needs...), cost more and have a messier interface. I will check out Gimpshop under X11 this weekend, when I get hold of my Tiger DVD, unless...
I'm on the Intel platform and tried Photoshop, but it *is* slow thanks to emulation and it is also overkill in terms of its features. Why would I steal something that I can't even use? I found Gimpshop, which is free, but requires X11 (have to wait until I get home and get my Tiger DVD). Any experiences with that? I'll check out Chocoflop and GrapicConverter, thanks for the Input!
Hello Forum, are there any cheap alternatives to Photoshop for basic image editing tasks in the area of budget webdesign? Thanks for your ideas Andreas
Thanks, it helped. I wish they would make Solitaire in the "draw-1" instead of the "draw-3" version. Much easier for the casual game.
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