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Please buy an G4Imac. I always buy first generation macs. Never had a problem and I always enjoy being in the cutting edge of technology. I had a a LcII when they appeared, a power mac, an imac (rev. A), an Ibook (rev A)a G3 (same), A G4 400, a tibook... and now an 800 imac. Applenut once came in my carracho server and advised me to buy it. So i sold the Tibook and went for the imac. I ama Illustration profesional in Europe. Never had a better computer. Not to say the...
Is there a way to save a Quicktime Streaming? Thanks
Uh. I knew that could be the reason, but... Any other possibility?
I download MP3 songs from Audiogalaxy being in MACOSX and everything seems fine. I can listen to them and each MP3 is 3 to 5 megs . When I boot into Mac OS 9.2 in order to burn them (I have a USB QPS QUE! drive, you know)... The MP3ยดs are zero Kbytes each!!! How come! Does anyboduy know why?
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