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I think the two likely possibilities are Nessy is real or that's a wind pattern on the water. But I'm only guessing.
A ship in a loch?
 I respectfully disagree.
 The main noticeable advantage of the Air over your iPad is in weight, footprint and thickess. The Air with a leather case is the exact same weight as a 4th gen iPad with no case.
This Ming-Chi Kuo love-fest has got to stop. Predicting iPads are going to get Touch ID this year is like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow.   Here's a red x bedside all his incorrect predictions for 2013:   And keep in mind most anyone would have gotten right most of his other predictions, so I'll give him barely a pass on those. He also got the timing wrong for several things suggesting Apple wouldn't launch the 2 alternate iPhones on the same day as one another,...
They're more expensive in the UK.
We're going to assume she understands retail. I'd say she was offered the job and couldn't resist. It's pretty much the most exciting retail job on earth right now and she knows that I'm sure. And she'll probably end up making more money at Apple too.And from Apple's standpoint I'd bet their looking to people that have past experience doing a good job managing lots of people. God knows what they were thinking hiring the guy who ran Dixons though.
Good one, Morgan.
Skipping dots to track patterns is interesting, but this clearly won't see the light of day now that Touch ID has taken priority.
 You're always so positive.
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